A Life in Ten

Born Roger Bryce Inglewood, Jackson MS, March 11, 1971

Brother John Ebenezer born 5/13, 1973

Broke elbow on swing, spring of ’77

No girlfriend in primary or high school

Found out why, fall of ’88

Did not graduate 7/7/90

Trip to Asia & Australia, with Barry Svensson Jr., 92-93

Opened “Rog’s Downtown Deli”, Jackson MS, 5/13, 1997

Opened 1st “Rog’s Downtown Deli” in the East (Washington DC, 5/13/2000)

Checked on delivery quality, health standards and customer satisfaction at Marsh and McLennan Companies, NYC, 9/11/2001

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2 Responses to A Life in Ten

  1. Skimmed it first, thought: “odd, those specific names and dates – like that”. Read it again more thoroughly, slowly, checking the dates, doing the math, how old was he when…when unexpectedly and powerfully in that last line it hit me. One to remember, thanks for sharing!

  2. Kallis says:

    Thanks! (illuminated toast, huh?)

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