Let Her Burn

At least the Cosmopolitan burned the other day.
Somebody had allegedly flipped a cigarette
and the entire rooftop landscape
went up in flames.
Plastic palm trees melted
and frozen margueritas in fun monkey-skull cups evaporated.
They evacuated everybody down to the 14th floor.

We were hopeful for a little while
until CNN gave the all clear
saying how Las Vegas Fire & Rescue had reacted admirably,
how no one had been hurt.
They said there were spare plastic trees at the ready
and the hotel would resume business
giving refunds for limited pool area access.

Las Vegas was spared to be garish another day.
We know You said no more floods, ever,
so we thought fire (and brimstone? You decide!) a good workaround,
well suited to this desert place.
We thought it was a start
at last.
We were so disappointed.

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