Play Life Play

We force our children to stop playing
their games and to start serious life.
“Stop playing”, we say, and “Come out and live
serious life; it’s much more fun.”

Only, we lie, it’s not more fun.
In fact, I fear, we miss the games
and wish we could go back in time.
Life is no game, for life is life

and play is play – and stops at 12
(or 5 or 6 in other parts)
and everything gets turned around:
Play turns to life, life eats up play.

When children play at serious life,
their games often end in shoot-outs.
Their play is real and life just plot.
Our lives are real and play’s for breaks.

They seek to find life in their play.
We seek to find play in our lives.
Losing their games, they play at death.
Losing in ours, we shuffle cards.

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