ending it

to celebrate breaking the spell
alcohol had had over him for years
he took a massive swig
from a litre bottle of gin

he had never liked gin but had killed
a number of bottles of the stuff
in his day (any port in a storm)
he still did not like it now

what was new was the fact
that he had just broken into the bottle
and hurled it against the laundry wall
after only one drink from it

he thought it puzzling
that his wife did not celebrate
the breaking of the bottle with him
as she wiped up the mess

her tears did not seem to come from relief
he could hear her muttering something
but the sound faded behind him
as he went to the kitchen to fetch a beer

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2 Responses to ending it

  1. Gosh. Very clever the way you draw in the wife’s perspective as well as the man’s.

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