Haus (Translation for Polly)

In front of the house, on the bench
Near the bench on which the house cat
Usually meows for the right to enter
There is a suitcase now
On which it says
“Haus”. In large letters,
Which towards the ‘S’, towards the house
Become smaller – white on brown.

The cat, in addition, has
Red spots on her soft fur
The leather of the suitcase is hard.
The suitcase, as opposed to the cat
Has been chained to a lamppost, and so it doesn’t help
As opposed to the cat,
to tell it to go away.

“Haus”, in the local idiom,
means “Go away” – only where to?
And anyhow, how? The porter is missing,
The chain is a hindrance.
Is the suitcase the house?
I have checked: It is empty.
I have felt: It is cold.

The cat meows for the right to enter
The centrally heated house nearby.


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One Response to Haus (Translation for Polly)

  1. Thanks for the translation – I’m quite pleased that I ‘got it’ with the original. I like this very much.

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