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Lickers of Knives

In 1992 Gary Oldman took my breath and several people’s, several characters’, blood away in a stunning performance as Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He was ruthless and cruel and very, very funny at times: “They say you are a man of … Continue reading

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Haus (Translation for Polly)

In front of the house, on the bench Near the bench on which the house cat Usually meows for the right to enter There is a suitcase now On which it says “Haus”. In large letters, Which towards the ‘S’, … Continue reading

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Vor dem Haus, auf der Bank Nahe der Bank, auf der die Hauskatze Jeweils um Einlass miaut, Steht jetzt ein Koffer, auf dem «Haus» steht. In großen Lettern, Die zum S hin, zum Haus hin, Kleiner werden – weiß auf … Continue reading

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