West Highland Way


The West Highland Way
From Milngavie to Fort William
Is such a very long hike
That we realised soon enough
That we had to stop wanting to be there;
And to start wanting to walk it.

And walk it, we did.

Every foot of every mile of it.
Every bridleway
and public footpath
and mountain pass
and that bit of the A82, too.

We were perhaps not the most promising partnership
Out there that week.
Our pace as erratic
As the flow of conversational topics between us.

Yet we held it together
For what turned out to be
A pretty good knock
Of 95 miles.

We bungled on relentlessly,
Rhythm found eventually
As the poles clicked endlessly.

Until we found ourselves
(Not just for the food-poisoning
– The haddock at the Inveroran Hotel seemed to have travelled
a lot further than 95 miles),

The last two miles
Of a splendid hike
On a sad suburban pavement
To the tacky beacon that marks

The end

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2 Responses to West Highland Way

  1. What?! You mean you’ve been over to UK and didn’t get in touch?!!! Shame on you 🙂

  2. Kallis says:

    Nah, did WHW in September.

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