Newtown, Connecticut, 14 December 2012

And one man ran in a green T-shirt
And everybody else had winter coats on
And a police dog had its tongue out
And that is what dogs do
And Chuck Norris is not our friend in this.

And somebody said ‘travesty’
And what they really meant was ‘tragedy’
And some other words were overused
And lost some letters and all meaning
And the birds still go ‘poo-tee-weet’.

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2 Responses to Newtown, Connecticut, 14 December 2012

  1. “And some other words were overused
    And lost some letters and all meaning”

    Well said Roland. Brave poem.

  2. Beat says:

    admitting that I was lost on “poo-tee-weet” I have just learned this:

    Like much of Vonnegut’s other works (e.g., The Sirens of Titan), Slaughterhouse-Five explores the concept of fatalism. The Tralfamadorians represent the belief in war as inevitable. In their hapless destruction of the universe, Vonnegut’s characters do not sympathize with their philosophy. To human beings, Vonnegut says, ignoring a war is unacceptable when we have free will; however, he does not explicitly state that we actually have free will, leaving open the possibility that he is satirizing the concept of free will as a product of human irrationality.

    This human senselessness appears in the climax that occurs, not with the Dresden fire bombing, but with the summary execution of a man who committed a petty theft. Amid all that horror, death, and destruction, time is taken to punish one man. Yet, the time is taken, and Vonnegut takes the outside opinion of the bird asking, “Poo-tee-weet?” The same birdsong ends the novel God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater.

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