These Boys Are Leaving

At 11½ and 9½ there is still
a hug and a kiss as the boys leave.
Tim leads the way down the steps.
Nick follows four flights behind him.

Then they appear once more
where the two streets meet.
I watch from the kitchen window.
The love is almost unbearable.

So I talk to them aloud, alone.
Walking together now
they are deep in conversation
synced in step and interests.

The topic? My money is on Star Wars
but it could be any one of a dozen subjects:
The teacher’s illness (Is it serious?),
the new Basel football kit (Why adidas of all brands?)

They will be back for lunch.
They will tell me what it was – if I ask.
We will agree on most things: Leia’s hair looks terrible
and adidas is the wrong brand entirely.

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7 Responses to These Boys Are Leaving

  1. Aw … I can see them from the kitchen window too … and hear you speak with them, though they can’t …
    Happy lunchtime 🙂

  2. Kallis says:

    You’re quick. Thanks for your kind words! Polly, how do I delete a post from this?

  3. friedrichjo says:

    I would say via the “Edit” function and then either just delet all the text and titles you’ve written or maybe click “Move to Trash”. If those won’t work for you, I’m already at my wit’s end. Apparently that wit has very limited dimensions.

  4. friedrichjo says:

    ugh, one should be able to correctly spell “delete” by now.

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