(Asimbonanga is Zulu for “we have not seen her/him”)

There is pretence of wildlife here in the park.
On the lawns: tame squirrels
which would not last in the veld.

But then neither did we.
Exiles from the New South Africa
in another such: Wimbledon.

All the expat shops
sell boerewors, Castle Lager and rusks.
Substance to fuel our homesickness

for the place we have not seen
and will never see again
because we bled it with our leaving.

Another squirrel worries
at something in the fallen leaves
then scampers away with it up a tree.

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3 Responses to Asimbonanga

  1. I was told I was hearing things when I said there was a trace of SA in your accent, so never actually asked … now I know …

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