The first few stood no chance.
They were shot on sight.

Then, nothing for a while.
All was quiet on the south-western front

until another couple came in
and managed to stay unseen for an entire winter.

With the young ones born in the spring
the press was onto it

and it became harder:
Laws had to be passed

before killings could be ordered.
Now, things are different:

Nobody kills them anymore.
There is close monitoring

and whenever someone local suffers
there is ample remuneration.

So when the other lot started coming in
about a decade and a half later

the protocol was much clearer,
the killings far fewer

despite the fact that these ones
were in some ways far more menacing.

Of course both groups had history
to support them:

It’s not as if they’ve never been here before.
It’s us who chased them out in the first place.

This third group though, we’re really not sure about.
They are new, entirely new to these parts.

We are a fair-thinking people
and while it’s taken us a while,

the wolf and the bear are quite welcome now.
But the Golden Jackal? We’ll have to see.

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